What Types of Services Are Offered By TalkTalk?

Companies such as TalkTalk are rare in that they offer many different services that can be ordered as a bundle or as stand-alone service. If you live in the UK and are interested in phone, television, and internet service, then you may be interested in what TalkTalk has to offer. Understanding what the options are is the key to ensuring that you have access to exactly the type of services that you need at rates that you are comfortable with paying.

indoTelevision service is something that Talk Talk is well known for. The company offers pay television service, including entertainment, movies, sports channels, and lots of programming for children. They also offer the ability to pause and rewind programs, and optionally, record programming to watch at a later time. Bundled services are available, making it possible to have television, internet, and home phone services all for one monthly price. However, there is no obligation to bundle. Whether you want only a few channels or lots of different channels, there are options available.

Broadband and fibre internet are also available from TalkTalk. Their broadband service is available for both home and business customers. The broadband service offers fast download speeds, but for even faster speeds, the fibre service can be opted for. Fibre actually offers download speeds up to five times faster than the speeds offered via regular broadband. By way of special promotions, new customers may be able to receive free internet service for a period of time, and then pay only a line rental fee to continue receiving service. Contact TalkTalk to learn more about current promotions, including how to receive free service.

Home phone service is also an option. While many people now use mobile phones, there is still value in having a home phone for making calls. Phone service is provided at no extra costs with most TalkTalk services. However, some calls are charged per-minute rates. Talk Talk customer service can provide you with information about calling rates within the United Kingdom, as well as rates for International calling. If you need phone service for your business, call and speak with a business specialist. Information is also available about daytime, nighttime, and weekend calling rates.

It is possible to rely on TalkTalk to provide you with several services, or only one. Discounts are often provided when services are bundled, but this does not mean that the prices on stand-alone services cannot cost less than the prices offered by other providers. The company website provides lots of information, but if you have specific questions, consider taking the time to call Talk Talk customer service. Agents are available to answer any questions about services, rates, special deals, products, and more.